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One Place to Submit Your News

If you have anything you would like to get the word out about, we have crafted a centralized news submission form. Are you looking to sell a puppy or are you helping the disadvantaged? Did you win a fancy award or just get published? Do you know somebody who knows somebody who knows something big? […]

XHTMLParagraphFormat() Version 3

Version 3 of the previously posted XHTMLParagraphFormat() ColdFusion function has just been released. Thanks to visitor and commenter Christopher Lewis for drawing my attention to a minor bug. Get it while it’s hot: Download XHTMLParagraphFormat() Version 3 I’d love to hear if you end up using this function or if you have any suggestions, fixes, […]

Why we changed the desktops in labs

Have you ever wished that you could stay more informed with what is happening at Gustavus? Have you ever wished that there was an easier and quicker way to access Gustavus events and news? You are in luck Well, if you use a Windows computer or kiosk in one of the labs, you are in […]

New News is Good News

The News page received an upgrade today that incorporates events and announcements from the College Calendar among other feature and usability enhancements. Some of the additional updates are: Accordian-style sliders implemented for story summaries Implemented Lightbox JS on story images Upgraded the algorithm that processes story bodies from the database into XHTML format to use […]

XHTMLParagraphFormat Version 2

UPDATE (Oct 23, 2006): This version of XHTMLParagraphFormat() is out of date. If you wish, you should check out the latest version. Unfortunately, I found a major error in the previously posted XHTMLParagraphFormat() function that caused it to not work properly under many circumstances. However, after doing some more research and testing, I banged out […]


UPDATE (Oct 23, 2006): This version of XHTMLParagraphFormat() is out of date. If you wish, you should check out the latest version. While reworking the athletics site, I realized that it was time to improve our less than perfect method for displaying news stories as HTML. The first obvious solution for formatting a chunk of […]

News 2.1.1

News 2.1.1 is now live. We identified and fixed a small CSS bug from News 2.1.0 that showed up under IE on my Windows XP machine. The problem was that the links in the menubar had not been given a specific width. The idea behind this technique was that they would automatically stretch to the […]

News 2.1.0

I just finished the news 2.1.0 upgrade and put it live. This is the latest upgrade since I finished 2.0.1 in April. For the most part, visitors to sites that use the news software will see no change as nearly all of the updates deal with the administrative side. The biggest improvements affect the new […]