News 2.1.0 Posted on June 29th, 2005 by

I just finished the news 2.1.0 upgrade and put it live. This is the latest upgrade since I finished 2.0.1 in April. For the most part, visitors to sites that use the news software will see no change as nearly all of the updates deal with the administrative side. The biggest improvements affect the new newsletter functionality that was introduced in 2.0.0. This upgrade features the following changes that I noted:

New features

  • Added sub-categories.
  • Added help section.
  • Added preview issue.
  • Added thumbnails to e-mail newsletters.
  • Returned to standard HTML forms for news stories due to the limited functionality of flash cfforms.

Bug fixes/minor updates

  • Lengthened category length from 32 to 64 characters.
  • Newsletter stories don’t make links if the body matches the summary or if the body is empty.
  • Issues now only show up for categories that the user has access to and unpublished stories only show up for the category that the issue belongs to.
  • Added a button to make links in stories using javascript.
  • Removed preview story tab.
  • Renamed some of the fields (i.e. “summary” is now called “excerpt” and “headline” is now called “title”).
  • Added tabindexes to the story form.
  • Fixed draft colors in search results.

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