New News is Good News

Posted on March 15th, 2006 by

News site redesign

The News page received an upgrade today that incorporates events and announcements from the College Calendar among other feature and usability enhancements. Some of the additional updates are:

  • Accordian-style sliders implemented for story summaries
  • Implemented Lightbox JS on story images
  • Upgraded the algorithm that processes story bodies from the database into XHTML format to use XHTMLParagraphFormat()
  • Upgraded query files to use a centralized CFC which reduces code redundancy within the program and between other programs and improves page processing speeds
  • Relativized story dates to provide a stronger sense of freshness/staleness
  • Increased the visibility and usability of our RSS feeds using globally recognized imagery a la Feed Icons
  • Improved archive to match Athletics news archive



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