Shorter, smarter URLs

Posted on October 31st, 2005 by

Today we began more widely implementing the mod_rewrite apache module to rewrite some of our ugly URLs. For example, the URL for a news story previously had been That very same story can now be accessed at Likewise, Eric Dugdale’s class schedule can now be accessed from instead of

While this may, at first, seem like a minor aesthetic change, we are excited with the improved usability and indexability that these new, shorter, smarter URLs offer and are committed to optimizing and improving the usability and accessibility of the Gustavus website.


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  1. […] Similar to the effort to shorten many of our URLs about a year ago, we have shortened the URLs for most of the College Calendar pages, including events and announcements. And, if you already have links to events in the calendar, don’t worry—the old URL format will still work. […]