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Shorter, smarter URLs

Today we began more widely implementing the mod_rewrite apache module to rewrite some of our ugly URLs. For example, the URL for a news story previously had been http://www.gustavus.edu/news/index.cfm?id=1658. That very same story can now be accessed at http://www.gustavus.edu/news/1658. Likewise, Eric Dugdale’s class schedule can now be accessed from http://www.gustavus.edu/oncampus/facultyschedules/edugdale instead of http://www.gustavus.edu/oncampus/facultyschedules/index.cfm?action=view&username=edugdale. While this […]

Permalinks changed

Today we started utilizing mod_rewrite for our permalinks in this blog and our Featured Gustavus Weblogs. I’m not totally sure exactly how mod_rewrite does it, but it allows us to have much cleaner URLs for our posts. If you notice anything odd, please let us know.