Daylight Savings Time Posted on November 11th, 2005 by

iCalendar feature on the college calendar
Since the time change for the end of daylight savings last month, our iCalendar files on the college calendar have been using the wrong time. This was caused by our usage of a constant timezone modifier for adding to event start times and end times. As a result, whenever someone had added an event to their calendar using the iCalendar feature on the college calendar, the event would show up as taking place an hour earlier. Fortunately, this problem was easily fixed using by replacing the constant modifier with ColdFusion’s DateConvert():

Converts local time to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), or UTC to local time. The function uses the daylight savings settings in the executing computer to compute daylight savings time, if required.

So, now you can rest assured that your events added from the college calendar’s iCalendar feature will continue to show up with the correct time whether it is daylight savings time or not.

Update (11/16/2005): The weather page had a similar programming flaw and has now been fixed.


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