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Posted on August 28th, 2006 by

GTS Wiki
The GTS Wiki received a couple of new features on its main page recently.

Search Cloud

Like the previously mentioned search cloud on the main search page, the wiki now sports its own search cloud built from queries within the GTS section of our web tree. We hope that this will not only help visitors find what they are looking for faster, but will also help us to identify articles to improve based on what users are searching for.

Blog Aggregation

With a little help from Magpie RSS and a heavily modified XFeed MediaWiki extension, we are now pulling the latest stories from both the User Services blog and the Web Services blog. This section will keep our visitors updated with the latest news and developments from these two GTS units.

Join the Fun

If you want to help develop this resource with us, or simply notice something that is missing or incorrect and would like to fix it, we would love to have you. Simply login create an account and start editing.

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