Gribly now online!

Posted on August 28th, 2006 by

The Gribly, Gustavus’ campus directory, is available online for the first time since its inception in 1966.

This is exciting. We have been given the opportunity to take something that was well done and improve upon it. And I think we have. We’ve taken all the data from the printed version, added a search engine, the ability to print photo class rosters, the ability to update personal information and the ability to include more information about yourself than was available in the printed Gribly, like your mobile phone number or birthday.

Photos for Students

Another big step we’ve taken is given the student body the ability to see photos in search results. In the boring, old electronic Campus Directory, only college employees were given the ability to see photographs. Since one person can ruin a great thing for everyone, let’s hope no one abuses this privilege.

Printed Copies

For those of you who don’t feel you can let go of your printed copy just yet, you will have the opportunity to order a printed Gribly for a small fee. The printed copy will be available for pick-up October or November. For more information, contact the Department of College Relations.

If you are inclined to order a printed copy of the Gribly so you have an archival copy, the online Gribly will be archived each year for easy access in the future.

Send Us Feedback

If you haven’t yet seen the Gribly, or printed out your class roster, please check it out and send us any feedback. We’re always looking for ways to make things better.



  1. Barbara Fister says:

    Looks good – I like the advanced search. My campus phone number is missing, however – x7553.

  2. […] We received the following feedback today from the five star rating system regarding the new Gribly: “Missing a link to email the class from this list. A few of my faculty have asked where the link to send an email to this group was. We think it would be very functional if that could be added.” […]

  3. Barbara Fister says:

    The FTS course aliases don’t show up in the Grib, though they can be found here.