Gustavus WordPress theme Posted on September 1st, 2005 by

Today we updated the look of our blog here with a new WordPress theme we created to match the rest of the Gustavus website. This is a good step forward for the Web Services blog. We also plan to use this theme for other official Gustavus weblogs.

Technically, it wasn’t too hard to port the Gustavus template to the WordPress theme system. ColdFusion and PHP work pretty similarly and the template doesn’t have too many dynamic components, so it didn’t take too much re-coding to get it right. The most difficult part was getting PHP to talk with our MS SQL database, which Dan Oachs, one of our Unix system administrators, took care of brilliantly.

We hope that, with the WordPress system and the Gustavus look-and-feel, we will be able to maintain a greater number of blogs. If you are connected to the college and are interested in blogging for us, get in contact with us by posting a comment or sending webmaster an email.


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