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Gustavus WordPress theme

Today we updated the look of our blog here with a new WordPress theme we created to match the rest of the Gustavus website. This is a good step forward for the Web Services blog. We also plan to use this theme for other official Gustavus weblogs. Technically, it wasn’t too hard to port the […]

WordPress upgraded

WordPress has been updated to version 1.5.2 which seems mostly like a bugfix release. I guess it is also supposed to have fixed some recent security holes, so it’s pretty important to upgrad from a security standpoint. However, the WordPress team wasn’t overly clear on just exactly what changes this version includes. This afternoon I […]

Welcome to Gustavus Web Services blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Gustavus Web Services blog. For those who are curious and savvy about blogging software, we are running this blog using the open source WordPress 1.5.1 which was released just hours ago. More information about WordPress can be found on their website. To answer some of your […]