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Posted on May 23rd, 2005 by

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, May 24, we will be moving forward with an e-mail campaign targeted at Alumni. This will be similar to an e-mail that we sent out to Alumni in December that featured Linda Lee in an effort to boost giving, except this time we will be sending out three different e-mails instead of one. These e-mails feature seniors Rachel Batalden, Johanna Johnson, and me (Joe Lencioni).

It has been a pleasure to work on the design for these e-mails and I am excited to see the response. If I recall properly, there was a pretty good response to the Linda Lee e-mail (pictured below), so hopefully that will happen again.

Rachel Batalden's e-mail

To come up with the new design, I basically took the design that I created in December, un-seasoned it, changed the picture, and changed some of the colors. These e-mails also have more content than the Linda e-mail which will hopefully be more appealing to alumni than such a straightforward solicitation.

Rachel Batalden's e-mail

Johanna Johnson's e-mail

Joe Lencioni's e-mail


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  1. betting says:

    The new design looks great Joe. Good work and best of luck for 06.