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Signs will now be controlled individually—not grouped by departments—and varying levels of access can be designated to each person on each sign (managers can now be administrators, publishers, or authors, but current managers will automatically become administrators after the transition). Signs can also be public or private. If you want to prevent people from submitting to a particular sign, just ask us to make it private. Many other features have been added or refined.

New Features

Public and Private Signs: Public signs are available for anyone to submit a request for their slide. Private signs are only available for slide submissions by administrators, publishers or authors of that sign.

New Roles

A person can have one of the following roles associated with a sign: Author – Can only submit slides to signs they are an author of, Publisher – Same privileges as author plus the ability to approve, deny, and rearrange slides on a sign, and Administrator – Same privileges as publisher plus the ability to change sign settings and permissions.

Default Slide Length

Administrators of a sign now can set a default slide length in the sign settings for new slides that are added.

Turn Off Notifications

Administrators, Publishers and Authors can now opt out of receiving email notifications about their signs activity.

Slide Restrictions

In order to maintain quality on signs, new slides will be restricted to being 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high.


Slides being submitted to a sign by an Administrator or Publisher of that sign will be auto-approved and added to that signs rotation.

Approve All

When viewing the “Approve Slides” screen, administrators and publishers now have an option to approve all with a click of a button.

Better User Experience

Users submitting slides will be able to see and get information about both of their active and inactive slides that they have uploaded and submitted for approval. They also can submit or re-submit their existing uploaded signs to additional signs with a few clicks.

Better Mobile Experience

The new system works better on smaller screens, so you can more easily manage your slides from tablets and phones.

Future Enhancements

Sign Schedules

With the new system we have enabled the opportunity for us to add the ability for Administrators to be able to control the on, off and restart times for their signs in the future.


Please let us know if you have any questions about the new Signs system. Your feedback is always appreciated!


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