Accessibility and other improvements in Concert Posted on September 16th, 2015 by

We had quite a few people asking about accessibility during the new website preview event. I’m happy to inform you that Concert is now helping to create more accessible pages by requiring editors to add descriptions for images (alt tags). If you are adding or editing an image without a description, you will see an alert asking you to add a description in order to continue on.

There is no way to retroactively prompt users to add descriptions to images that are already on the page. To help keep our site accessible, we are asking site editors to please add a description if you know you have added an image without a description.

There are also a few other changes we have recently added to Concert:

  • We are now automatically making images and embeds more responsive to help with viewing on smaller screens like tablets and phones.
  • Horizontal rules (hr) can now be added to pages. (under Insert > Horizontal Line)

We will continuously be adding features and updates, so we always appreciate any feedback or feature requests you may have for Concert. We want it to be easy to use, and allow you to easily relay your messages to your audiences.

Feedback or feature requests can be sent to

Thanks to all of you who have sent feedback and alerted us of any issues you may have had.


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