A Shorter URL For You

Posted on December 14th, 2009 by

We admit that some URLs can get a little out of hand. Most won’t remember that information about applying to be a student at Gustavus is located at http://admission.gustavus.edu/admissions/apply/. Even fewer¬†will want to take the time to actually type that thing in.

Thankfully, there is a solution. We can create shorter, easier to remember, redirection URLs for you in a special area of our website called /go/. That means http://admission.gustavus.edu/admissions/apply/ becomes http://gustavus.edu/go/apply/ or even just gac.edu/go/apply.

Got a URL you’d like people to go to? Let us know and we’ll set up a redirect for you.



  1. One to get to webadvisor would be great!

  2. Jerry Nowell says:

    The URL http://gustavus.edu/go/webadvisor should already work.

  3. Diana says:

    One to gts tools page would be nice too!

  4. Is there a listing of all of these “go” URL’s? Should/could there be one created?

  5. I would utilize one for the bookmark! Maybe …/go/bookstore and …/go/bookmark ?

  6. Chris Duhaime says:

    This is great! Extremely useful information.

    Thanks Joe!

  7. Chris Duhaime says:

    Can you make one for the Library website: Example: http://gustavus.edu/go/library