Commission Gustavus 150 Survey Posted on May 19th, 2009 by

Commission Gustavus 150 Survey website
The Commission Gustavus 150 Survey, our biggest roll-out in a long time, is officially under way. If you have a Gustavus username and password, you should hop on over and provide your input before May 31.

Our goal was to design a web-based survey that would allow anybody in the Gustavus community to provide their input on 439 different items as easily as possible. The challenge was identifying and implementing a method of information collecting that would easily work for as wide of an audience as possible without overwhelming the user with the sheer amount of content. Hopefully, we have succeeded.

We understand that 439 items is a lot of information to digest and that most people will not likely respond to all of the items, so we structured the survey application in an open-ended fashion. The 439 items are divided into sections which are divided into and sub-sections. This enables users to browse through and respond to only the parts of the survey that are most interesting to them, if they wish.

Commission Gustavus 150 Survey


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