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Posted on December 13th, 2007 by

TV Calendar
We recently put a new system live that pulls events from the college calendar to the closed-circuit channel 8 on campus–which includes the television sets in the campus center.

It is currently set up to pull events from the next three days on a continuous cycle. If there is a campus emergency or announcement, those will also automatically show up in this system.

Technical mumbo-jumbo

The new system was created entirely using XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS with a little help from the most excellent jQuery library. My favorite feature is that it will resize the content based on the size of the browser window. This allows it to look great in every situation.

How can I see it?

There are two ways to check it out. If you are on campus and have a television set, just tune in to channel 8 (or go to the campus center) and you’re set with the broadcast. If you aren’t on campus, you can visit it in your web browser. As a warning, though, we only made sure that it works in Firefox so if you are using a different browser, things may be a little wonky.

The best part is this gives you another great reason to submit all of your events to the college calendar.

Television Calendar


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