A web page editor for the rest of us

Posted on August 17th, 2007 by

ContributeFor the last eight years, Gustavus has been asking web publishers to use GoLive to create, edit and maintain their websites. After countless hours training, supporting, troubleshooting and consoling our friends and coworkers, we’ve decided that the madness has to end.

We’ve been exploring web-based content management as means to simplify the site maintenance process. We’ve sat through mind-numbing demonstrations and read countless websites and product reviews. To date, we have not found a system that is affordable, easy to use and offers the features we require. While we continue to work on bringing true content management to campus, we are transitioning from GoLive to a web page editor known as Adobe Contribute.

Contribute has a refined, intuitive user interface and will eliminate much of the confusion caused by GoLive. It eliminates the need to use GoLive’s “Site” and “FTP Browser” functionality and instead uses the well-known web browser as an editor’s primary page selection tool. Web Services will be able to configure, maintain and repair a department’s website without having to schedule meetings or forcing the editor to download newer files from the server. Editors will be able to maintain their website without having to endure hours of training or night terrors. All in all, Contribute is a much better tool.

We’re excited to offer this technology to the campus community. If you are responsible for maintaining your department’s website and would like to make the transition, send us an email and let us know. If you love GoLive or have a personal website, GoLive is the tool for you, and we’ll continue to support you.


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