Panoramas Aplenty

Posted on May 11th, 2007 by

A brief review

We recently purchased a one-shot panorama apparatus for our camera that would, in theory, allow us to quickly create 360-degree panoramas of locations around campus. In practice, the set up has proven itself remarkably capable of capturing high-quality images with a modicum of effort. Although it’s hard to eliminate the somewhat tedious color/curve tweaking process in Photoshop, we’ve managed to produce a dozen or more extremely decent shots without a huge investment of time—a solid morning perhaps.

Christ Chapel balcony

One of our favorites came during the initial foray to Christ Chapel. Normally, the dark interior and bright daylight filtering in from the windows make the space quite challenging. We utilized HDR techniques to capture a gorgeous interior view.

What’s next?

As we become more familiar with both the hardware and software, we hope to produce a dizzying array of such images; replacing outdated “virtual tours” and highlighting a little of what Gustavus has to offer.

If you have any ideas for potential subjects—locations, classes, or events for example—don’t be shy to send them our way.


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