Room Schedules

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Room Schedules
After putting the new schedule system live in January, we began to explore new ways that people wanted to see schedules displayed. In GTS we identified that being able to easily see when rooms were scheduled for class would simplify many day-to-day tasks for a number of people.

Today, we announce room schedules.

Is this new information?

Schedules for rooms are based on the same data that we have collected for the faculty portion of schedules, so re-purposing the information was fairly straightforward. However, room schedules do not accurately depict all of the times when any given room is in use. Rather, it merely shows when rooms are scheduled for class.

Eventually, we hope to integrate room schedules into the college calendar some more, but that is still a very long way off.

The details

Room Schedule
Each room’s schedule page is similar to an overlay of faculty member schedules. However, instead of overlaying a list of people’s schedules, the room’s schedule overlays all of the events that are happening in that room.

You also have the ability to overlay a number of rooms. We hope that this will simplify scheduling tasks for people across campus.

What’s next?

We are looking at adding the ability to browse backwards and forwards through people’s and rooms’ schedules. This will allow you to look at what has been scheduled as well as giving you the ability to peer into the future to see what is in store next week, or even next month.

We are also hard at work integrating features from the schedules throughout the Gustavus website. So, if you have any ideas as to where you would like to see schedule information, please let us know.




  1. Nick Sonsteby says:

    Great job! This will be a great tool.