Archive for February, 2007

Browsing Schedules

Starting right now, you can browse through schedules using the handy new “previous week” and “next week” links. If you ever lose your way while browsing, simply use the “this week” link to jump back to the current week. We’ve been planning for this feature for a while and are happy to see it go […]

Room Schedules

After putting the new schedule system live in January, we began to explore new ways that people wanted to see schedules displayed. In GTS we identified that being able to easily see when rooms were scheduled for class would simplify many day-to-day tasks for a number of people. Today, we announce room schedules. Is this […]

Remember Me?

Due to popular demand, we recently added a useful and time-saving feature to the Gribly’s login form. You can now select the “Remember me on this computer” checkbox that will tell the Gribly to remember who you are the next time you visit on the same computer. You need to be careful, however, when using […]

Schedule Quick Links are Back

After receiving some helpful comments from our feedback form on the top of every page (yes, we are listening :), we put the quick links back on the list of schedules. These links help you find the information you are looking for by providing a quick jump to each letter in the alphabet. We know […]

Gribly gets some new features

We updated the Gribly with some new features today. The most prominent is paginated search results. In previous versions, results were limited to the first 100 people. Now, the entire search result is made available in shorter, faster rendering pages. Choosing how to search has also changed. We moved the links to Basic and Advanced […]

Former Web Team Member Paints Mural in Old Main

Lili Payne, a former member of the Web Team, was on campus last week donating her time to painting a fine art mural of the Parthenon for the Classics department. The mural has a strong presence, covering an entire wall in the Classics office on the first floor of Old Main. Lili was a solid […]