A Classics face-lift

Posted on November 9th, 2006 by

Classics homepageThe Classics Department recently approached us about redesigning and updating their website. We fully understood that they were a small, but incredibly vibrant department, and we wanted this to be communicated without putting an added strain on time or resources.

Back to basics

We first examined the information they wanted to make accessible. We came up with ways to ensure that the more critical resources were both available and relatively maintenance-free. Lists of faculty, current and upcoming courses, and department events are all generated dynamically, requiring little to no additional effort.

Building identity

The department wanted to retain some of the uniqueness their previous design afforded (a wonderful creation of former web team member, Lili Payne), and disliked the idea of using a “bare bones” template. To customize it further, we modified the masthead from their old website and created a banner image that’s prominent on each of the department’s pages. We also added a spot on the homepage with rotating images to feature some of the department’s friendly faces. Additionally, the “blue bar” area was used to highlight relevant facts and upcoming Classics events.

Final thoughts

The end product was very well-received, and has since resulted in other departments seeking similar functionality. The ideas generated from this makeover will be continually refined, and could be readily applied to other areas of the Gustavus website.


We encourage you to take a peek and offer your thoughts and suggestions. We believe this one department illustrates only a fraction of what’s possible, so we look forward to a bright future full of collaboration and progress.

Classics Department


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