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Posted on October 25th, 2006 by

Search plugins
Our three search engine plugins (Gustavus website, College Calendar, and the Gribly — previously here) have been updated to use the OpenSearch standard that Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 use for their built-in search boxes. One exciting new feature of Firefox is auto suggestions in OpenSearch plugins. Now when you search for something at Gustavus, the search box will retrieve suggestions from Google (and we’re looking into providing some suggestions for the Gribly search engine plugin in the future.)


To install the new search engine plugins, make sure that you are using either Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 7, head over to the Gustavus search page and follow the instructions posted there.

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    Joe Lencioni, I’m trying to reach you to ask if I could possibly read your essay, “True Kenosis, True Shunyata, and the Plerotic Self of Thomas Merton and Abe Masao.” I’ll send details via e-mail addresses found on the athletic website. I can’t seem to find a link that gives me your contact information…. thanks, joanna