Gribly Feature From User Feedback

Posted on September 7th, 2006 by

We received the following feedback today from the five star rating system regarding the new Gribly:

“Missing a link to email the class from this list. A few of my faculty have asked where the link to send an email to this group was. We think it would be very functional if that could be added.”

And, we responded. E-mail aliases are now linked and ready to go. Sending e-mails to your lists from the Gribly is now a snap.

The system works

Of course, this shows us that the system works. We take pride in what we do and we absolutely love to make things better and easier for everybody. So, we appreciate constructive feedback about all of our pages.

Tell us what you think!

If you notice any room for improvement on any Gustavus page, please feel free to utilize our feedback form at the top of every page or the five star rating system at the bottom. If those are either unavailable or just intimidating, simply send an e-mail to And, please be constructive in your comments. Do not worry… you will not hurt our feelings.


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