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Virtual High Fives: Gusties Love World of Warcraft

According to a report published by Map World of Warcraft the other day, Gustavus ranks 296 out of 1,109 colleges and universities for World of Warcraft usage. Some of our peer institutions are ranked as follows: University of St. Thomas: 536 St. Olaf College: 570 Luther College: 748 Big virtual high fives go to our […]

Shorter is Better

Shortly after graduation, when the campus is awash with a rare tranquility, the “oncampus” part of the a typical Gustavus URI will disappear. After years of segregating our audiences by their location, we will bring everyone together and offer people the shorter URIs they all want. While URIs will change, old URIs will function properly […]

Wahlstrom Demolition Video

Built in 1947, Wahlstrom Hall was named for a former president of the college, the Rev. Matthias Wahlstrom. Wahlstrom had a unique floor plan, with 191 single rooms arranged into 32 sections. While this beautiful landmark on the Gustavus Campus was beloved by many, issues with building codes and safety forced its closing. Many had […]

Cool new “Give feedback” and “Send this page” forms

Thanks to all of the hard work of Jeremy Carlson and the wonderful moo.fx, we recently upgraded the “Give feedback” and “Send this page” forms (linked at the tops of every page) from popups to be nicer in-page forms. No More Popups We have never liked popups and are glad to be rid of them. […]

Gustavus Homepage Concept

Our homepage was one of the final pieces of the Gustavus Website that needed to be updated to the look-and-feel we introduced in December. We have been hard at work to create a concept that incorporates global trends, reflects our new design paradigms, addresses known information architecture issues, improves the accessibility and usability of the […]

Directory Search Plugin Updated

We are moving a few things around here and so the directory search plugin for Firefox needed a little updating. If you were experiencing any difficulties with it in the past week or so, worry no more. I believe that things should update automatically, but if they do not, feel free to install the directory […]