Design and Readability

Posted on March 3rd, 2006 by

fadtastic has two great new articles up about design and readability. The first, Who to Design For? by Steven Teskey, discusses whether designs should focus on users or designers. He writes, “It all comes down to personal philosophy, but I’d like to possibly open some doors on this issue, that you might not have thought of otherwise.”

The second, Is Readability a Black and White Issue? by Andrew Whitacre, begins by pointing out that the issue of readability is beginning to garner more attention among the web designing community. He goes on to discuss how sans-serif fonts, line-height, and color play important roles in readability on the web. He writes, “Fortunately, though it hasn’t yet ‘trickled up’ to bigger sites, it’s clear now that many web designers are starting to put as much thought into readability as they historically have into navigation, layout, and functionality.”

If you ever even think about web design, these two short articles are definitely worth a read.



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