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Credit card security increased

Based on a tip at Pete Freitag’s blog, we have increased the security of our credit card forms. Always, always set autocomplete=”off” in the input tag. For example: <input type="text" name="cc" autocomplete="off" /> This feature will prevent many browsers from automatically completing the credit card fields and storing the numbers in plain text on the […]

Tips on Searching Google

Google Search Tips 2005 offers some “search syntax basics and advanced tricks for” It might be helpful to check it out and brush up on your searching skills. You never know, it might save you a lot of time when trying to find exactly whatever it is you are looking for.

Photography Contest

Today, we are proud to announce that we are sponsoring a photography contest. This contest will run concurrently with the International Education’s photography contest and is open to anyone who wishes to submit a photograph taken of campus life at Gustavus Adolphus College and in its surrounding community. Before submitting a photograph, please carefully read […]

Hurricane Katrina Teach-in streaming audio

Last week’s Hurricane Katrina Teach-in here at Gustavus is now available to stream from the web in Windows Media Audio (wma) format. To listen to these streams, you will need to have a reliable connection to the Internet and Windows Media Player installed on your computer. Teach-in playlist: Peg O’Connor (Women’s Studies) — Introduction Karen […]

Faculty schedules updated

After being empty so far this school year, the faculty schedules have been updated with the latest information directly from the registrar’s office. For the first time, the schedules will be synchronized on a nightly basis with fresh data from the school’s main database. This project is the first that will be using this new […]

Permalinks changed

Today we started utilizing mod_rewrite for our permalinks in this blog and our Featured Gustavus Weblogs. I’m not totally sure exactly how mod_rewrite does it, but it allows us to have much cleaner URLs for our posts. If you notice anything odd, please let us know.

Gustavus featured weblogs

In an effort to consolidate our various blogs and blogging systems that we have tried out over the last couple of years, we have created a WordPress blog to manage all of the Gustavus featured weblogs. We have imported all of our past blogs into the WordPress system and are currently looking into some more […]

Gustavus WordPress theme

Today we updated the look of our blog here with a new WordPress theme we created to match the rest of the Gustavus website. This is a good step forward for the Web Services blog. We also plan to use this theme for other official Gustavus weblogs. Technically, it wasn’t too hard to port the […]

ImageMagick Updated (6.2.3)

We updated our version of ImageMagick today to 6.2.3. Some of our applications that use ImageMagick are News, Athletics Rosters, and some other upcoming applications. The update was relatively seamless and completely painless. We expect improved performance and security.

Athletic Facilities Site

We recently put live a new athletic facilities website. We’ve created new information pages with pictures and relevant links for each indoor and outdoor facility associated with Gustavus. Thanks go to Joe for starting the project and designing the layout and to Tim Kennedy for providing awesome content and pictures.