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Q: Why are you doing this?
A: These updates are being implemented to augment accessibility, provide more and better features for content publishers, and to complement the new LiquidMatrix-enhanced sections of the site.

Q: Why do I have to lose permission to my site/page?
A: In order to provide a smooth transition to end-users, Web Services will be doing many of the changes on the “beta” server. Once this “beta” server is ready, Web Services will copy the content of the “beta” server to the “live” server. When this is done, any changes that were made to the “live” during the specified week will be overwritten. Since we don’t want people to lose any work they’ve done, we suspend all permissions as a precaution.

Q: When can I gain access to my site/page?
A: Web Services expects the updates will be completed by December 23. Since the following week is a holiday week, you can contact Web Services starting January 2.

Q: What if I need changes made to my site/page during this week, or during the holiday week?
A: Contact Web Services with your changes and we will make sure your pages are updated.

Q: Will some of my pages be broken after your updates are completed?
A: We hope not, but there is a chance that some things may not appear correctly. If this is the case, contact Web Services and notify us of the affected pages.

Q: Will I have to use new software to update my pages?
A: If you are using Adobe GoLive CS2, you should be able to make updates (once you’re permission has been restored) in the same manner. If you’re using an older version of Adobe GoLive, you may need to upgrade. If this applies to you, or you’re unsure, simply contact the helpline for assistance.

Q: Will I need to attend a workshop to learn how to update my pages?
A: The workshops are intended as a refresher course. You can attend part, all, or not at all. It depends on your comfort level with the new template, which will differ in appearance from the old templates. While it may look different, it should be fairly easy to understand and use. The principles are, of course, the same.

Q: Why wasn’t I notified of these updates sooner?
A: We have pursued every avenue to inform the campus community of these changes. Unfortunately, this notice still will not reach everyone that it should. That’s why we encourage you to “spread the word,” and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Q: Will the homepage change?
A: Not really. The homepage will receive a few upgrades “under-the-hood” but won’t change noticeably, at least initially.

Q: What is this LiquidMatrix thing all about?
A: LiquidMatrix is subsidiary of Datatel. They produce customized applications for higher education, specifically Admission and Alumni offices, that automate and augment certain processes. Our Admission and Alumni offices are currently working with LiquidMatrix and both will be unveiling LiquidMatrix-powered sites in the near future. For more information, look for LiquidMatrix updates in the Yellow Sheet, or on the LiquidMatrix project overview page.

Please contact Web Services with any comments or questions.


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