A new season begins… Posted on August 9th, 2005 by

Gustavus is currently trying to raise a bunch of money for a well-needed new football stadium. With the release of a print brochure, the Marketing and PR office decided they wanted to do a web component. Right now we on have basically what is available in the print brochure, but there are some really cool walkthrough video renderings of the stadium floating around that I would like to put up there.

A new football season will begin with the construction of a new stadium. The current 75-year-old stadium will be removed to create space for future expansion.

Make sure to check it out to see what the new stadium will look like and find out how you can help.


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  1. […] The new stadium site has been updated with a downloadable rendered video walkthrough. It’s pretty cool, so you should download it and watch it. […]