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Update (October 25, 2006) — These plugins have been updated and are compatible with Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7.

If you have recently converted to the new and increasingly popular web browser, Mozilla Firefox, you may have noticed that there is a built-in search box that can search different sites such as Google, Yahoo!, and What you may not know is that this search box is extensible, which means that ordinary people can write what are called search plugins that will allow users to search other websites.

If you are interested in searching the web resources that Gustavus Adolphus College offers, look no further. We have written a set of search plugins that will make your searching experience faster and easier than ever before.

  1. Gustavus directory plugin
    The most useful of the three plugins is the gustavus directory search plugin. this will allow you to search the Gustavus student and employee directory from within your browser. However, this will not work if the computer you are using is located off campus—you will have to use the webpage to search for contact information. (install the directory plugin)
  2. Gustavus calendar plugin
    Are you looking for something to do tonight? Search the Gustavus college calendar using this search plugin. (install the calendar plugin)
  3. Gustavus web plugin
    If you can’t find the information you are looking for on the Gustavus website, or are just too lazy to look in the first place, try the Gustavus web search plugin. It will perform a google search of the Gustavus website so you don’t have to. (install the web plugin)

These plugins should also work with other products that support search plugins (such as Mozilla, Netscape, and Sherlock), but they haven’t been fully tested on anything but Firefox.



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  2. […] Our three search engine plugins (Gustavus website, College Calendar, and the Gribly — previously here) have been updated to use the OpenSearch standard that Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 use for their built-in search boxes. One exciting new feature of Firefox is auto suggestions in OpenSearch plugins. Now when you search for something at Gustavus, the search box will retrieve suggestions from Google (and we’re looking into providing some suggestions for the Gribly search engine plugin in the future.) […]