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2006 Nobel Conference Website

The 2006 Nobel Conference website, featuring an original design by Jerry Nowell, is now live. The cool feature on this year’s Nobel Conference website is the slick implementation of the hCalendar microformat on the Conference’s schedule page and the hCard microformat on the presenter pages and schedule page. This will allow software that can recognize […]

Nobel online registration

If you are thinking about attending the annual Nobel Conference here at Gustavus but haven’t yet registered, we have good news for you. Online registration for this year’s Nobel Conference is now up and ready for use. This is a big step forward for the Nobel Conference because not only is it the first year […]

The Legacy of the Nobel Conference website

Each year Web Services is handed the task of creating a website for the Nobel Conference. This site is intended to provide accessible information to be used in the publicizing of the Nobel Conference. Designs for this site in the past have maintained the look-and-feel of the poster and other promotional materials for that year’s […]