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On Campus Pages Brainstorming

Not many pages on the Gustavus website receive as much traffic as the On Campus page--particularly the section designed for students. We have been brainstorming some ideas on how to improve these pages for a while and want to see what you think about what we have in store.

Office Hours Now on Schedules

After a brief period without office hour information in the schedules, we are very happy to announce the re-addition of office hours and other non-course information (such as department meetings, lunches, and research times) to schedules. We hope that the schedules will be even more informative and useful than ever with this non-course information. Scheduling […]

New Faculty Schedules, Phase One

The new faculty schedules went live yesterday, in place of the old and aging version that had been in use over the last couple of years. While this new version is entirely different under the hood, most of the original experience has been preserved while bringing some new features designed for ease-of-use. What’s the same? […]

Faculty Schedules Improved

We recently fixed and improved on our Faculty Schedules pages. Somehow, the CSS file for the site was deleted during the 2005-2006 school year, making the page harder to read and use. We’ve added new CSS and javascript to the site, including a box on the right that keeps track of people you’ve selected to […]

Faculty schedules updated

After being empty so far this school year, the faculty schedules have been updated with the latest information directly from the registrar’s office. For the first time, the schedules will be synchronized on a nightly basis with fresh data from the school’s main database. This project is the first that will be using this new […]