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How the Air Force Responds to Blog Posts

Here's a flowchart that describes the United States Air Force's rules of engagement for blogging, or rather, what their plan is when responding to blog posts.

Why we changed the desktops in labs

Have you ever wished that you could stay more informed with what is happening at Gustavus? Have you ever wished that there was an easier and quicker way to access Gustavus events and news? You are in luck Well, if you use a Windows computer or kiosk in one of the labs, you are in […]

English Department Blog Now Online

The English Department joins the MCS Department today by launching their brand new blog with some shiny new content. Their first few entries deal with alumni updates, the upcoming Lefler Lecture, and Senior Seminars for 2006-2007. They plan on updating it with interesting new content throughout the year. If you are/were an English major, are […]

Gustavus featured weblogs

In an effort to consolidate our various blogs and blogging systems that we have tried out over the last couple of years, we have created a WordPress blog to manage all of the Gustavus featured weblogs. We have imported all of our past blogs into the WordPress system and are currently looking into some more […]