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Scheduled Maintenance: 5pm February 6, 2009

This evening, beginning at 5pm CST, Technology Services will be performing scheduled maintenance on a group of servers that provide essential functionality to the Gustavus Website. During the scheduled maintenance, portions of the website will be replaced with a friendly message stating the site is currently unavailable and provide some Gustavus-related links. The entire maintenance […]

A web page editor for the rest of us

For the last eight years, Gustavus has been asking web publishers to use GoLive to create, edit and maintain their websites. After countless hours training, supporting, troubleshooting and consoling our friends and coworkers, we’ve decided that the madness has to end. We’ve been exploring web-based content management as means to simplify the site maintenance process. […]

A world of new possibilities

This week, we were able to retire our old web servers and move to a new set. Since a server’s purpose is to serve content at all times, it isn’t something that you can just casually upgrade like you can a personal computer. It takes a great deal of planning, forcing you to consider how […]

Gribly gets some new features

We updated the Gribly with some new features today. The most prominent is paginated search results. In previous versions, results were limited to the first 100 people. Now, the entire search result is made available in shorter, faster rendering pages. Choosing how to search has also changed. We moved the links to Basic and Advanced […]

A little back-end upgrade

If you work in technology, most likely, you are familiar with the feeling that you get when you take something that is old or unreliable and make it modern and robust. For those of you who don’t work in technology, it’s like sitting in front of a fireplace, sipping hot chocolate (or Irish coffee) and […]

Gribly now online!

The Gribly, Gustavus’ campus directory, is available online for the first time since its inception in 1966. This is exciting. We have been given the opportunity to take something that was well done and improve upon it. And I think we have. We’ve taken all the data from the printed version, added a search engine, […]

Shorter is Better

Shortly after graduation, when the campus is awash with a rare tranquility, the “oncampus” part of the a typical Gustavus URI will disappear. After years of segregating our audiences by their location, we will bring everyone together and offer people the shorter URIs they all want. While URIs will change, old URIs will function properly […]


Sometimes in order to move ahead, we must look back to help us put situations in perspective and give us motivation to continue what we do. When I sat down to take a look at our website statistics, I was pleasantly surprised to see a sizable increase in what we served in 2005. Gustavus experienced […]