Web Changes for Fall 2016 Posted on June 30th, 2016 by

Last September we launched our new website. Since then, we’ve made numerous minor updates to improve the site’s performance, and to increase accessibility and usability. Larger issues were monitored throughout the academic year, and we’re now at a point where we can confidently address them.

We’re primarily basing these changes on our analytics–aggregate data that shows us how the site is being used–and feedback from users. These updates will significantly alter our navigation by giving direct audience-based pathways to our newly revamped audience specific landing pages (what we refer to as our on-campus pages) and by providing an always-accessible side menu that is available across devices.

Additionally, we plan to make a number of small visual modifications to simplify key navigation areas and bring us into alignment with the overall Gustavus brand. We hope to hear your feedback once these updates go live. Please feel free to email us at web@gustavus.edu.


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