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Homepage Featured in O’Reilly Book

While browsing for good books, I came across two that looked particularly interesting: Object-Oriented PHP and the recently updated Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Third Edition (AKA “the Polar Bear Book”). Little did we know that while Jerry was mindlessly thumbing through Peter Morville and Louis Rosenfeld’s Information Architecture he would find the […]

Welcoming Our Newest Member… Ryan Rud

Today, it’s official. Ryan “Rudi” Rud (previously) is the new Web Application Programmer for Web Services! While Ryan has been with us for a few years as a student worker, we are completely thrilled to keep him around here as a full-time administrator for the College. Ryan has been and will continue to be a […]

New Faculty Schedules, Phase One

The new faculty schedules went live yesterday, in place of the old and aging version that had been in use over the last couple of years. While this new version is entirely different under the hood, most of the original experience has been preserved while bringing some new features designed for ease-of-use. What’s the same? […]

Gribly Gets New Feathers

Last week, we put live a slightly upgraded version of the Gribly with some extra color coding (among other features) that should help visitors parse information more quickly and efficiently. Finding a particular faculty member with the last name “Smith” among a sea of students, administrators, and support staff with the same surname should become […]