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UPDATE (Oct 23, 2006): This version of XHTMLParagraphFormat() is out of date. If you wish, you should check out the latest version. While reworking the athletics site, I realized that it was time to improve our less than perfect method for displaying news stories as HTML. The first obvious solution for formatting a chunk of […]

Gustavus Template Color Themes

The new Gustavus Template provides content contributors the ability to further customize the look and feel of their pages by using one of our four pre-defined color themes. If you would like to see exactly what these different themes are, check out our new template demo section. While the default for all pages is the […]

Gustavus Templates

We’ve begun a weeklong series of workshops designed to help publishers gain familiarity with the new Gustavus template. Some of the materials from these sessions, as well as untold future resources, can be found on Web Services’ template help page.